GrassMan sod is professionally grown in the Fraser Valley and then transplanted to your location for an instant lawn. Our turf is grown from the best quality grass seeds on sandy loam or washed sand. This ensures faster rooting and better drainage. GrassMan sod uses a blend of grasses which constitute the best quality of turf for the weather conditions and soil conditions in the Lower Mainland.

Our mix includes grasses tolerant to wet conditions as well as grasses tolerant to dry hot weather. By combining a variety of grass types, the grass that does best in a certain condition grows more vigorously dominating the lawn and making for the pest possible appearance. Proper sod installation is paramount as the right preparation and installation methods will help the roots establish themselves faster. Our professional sod installers will make sure this is done correctly.

At GrassMan we have the experience to help you get the lawn you have always wanted. Our sod service uses professionally grown sod that is environmentally friendly. After laying the sod with proper care it will take root within a few weeks and then one of our Lawn Care Programs will ensure that your new lawn stays healthy.

Sodding services are designed to provide our customers with an instant lush green lawn that they can enjoy throughout the growing season. Our lawn fertilizer programs can help maintain your grass for years of enjoyment and added curb appeal. Discover why homeowners trust GrassMan sod installation for a lawn that is always green.

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